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Stop the killing, stop the false Islamic state

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Stop the killing, stop the false Islamic state

Lettre ouverte à Mr Ban Ki-Moon, Secrétaire général des Nations-Unies
Includes both Morocco and Algeria: ... the capital of Tunisia's "succession" Daashah " Etat islamique
28 August 2014 | 19:24
It seems that organization "Daash" chose to go officially to North Africa in order to stretch westward, where alerted reports of human rights and intelligence to prepare the organization to announce the "Emirate" Islamist - a subsidiary of succession Albgdada- linking Libya, Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco, stressing that its capital will be inside Tunisian territory.
She said the organization "Justice and Development" Moroccan human rights organization that began in Daash coordination and contacts with elements Salafist Jihadist Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Africa, and al-Qaeda wing of North Africa to declare an Islamic emirate in Tunisia and control of the Tunisian-Algerian border.
Media sources quoted for identical Advisory Office of the organization headed by Zidane Alguenaúa Referring to the declaration of an Islamic caliphate in Libya is imminent after the unification of all armed militias under the banner of "Ansar al-Sharia," and al-Qaeda there.
The organization pointed out that Tunisia is more a state in northern Africa, a candidate for the declaration of an Islamic caliphate Due to the growing presence of Salafi jihadist elements - according to the report - in addition to the exacerbation of the chaos in Libya and the flow of weapons from Libya to Tunisia, Algeria and the ease of transmission of al-Qaeda elements.
In the meantime, he said, Britain's permanent representative to the United Nations, "Mark Lyall Grant," the current president of the Security Council the night before last that the Libyan Sanctions Committee of the Council will meet early next week to identify the individuals who would be subject to sanctions, which will include 250 names.
The Well-informed diplomatic sources revealed that people on the waiting list "will become persecuted by the International Criminal Court, on charges of committing war crimes in Libya, in addition to the freezing and confiscation of foreign accounts.
For his part, said the site "Afrique Gate News" The sanctions announced by the Security Council include leaders of private militias operations dawn Libya and warlords who led military operations against civilians and civilian areas and state institutions.
He added that "the legitimate Libyan authorities" are required to submit complete lists of war criminals and militia leaders in Libya.
For his part, French President Francois Hollande, in his speech to the annual conference of the ambassadors of France, the United Nations to organize "exceptional support to the Libyan authorities, to help them to re-state power, warning that failure to do so will help the spread of terrorism" in the region as a whole. "
He warned that "if we do not do something serious, something political, something international, terrorism will spread in the entire region."
For its part, welcomed the Egyptian Foreign Ministry at the initiative of the Security Council to assume its responsibilities towards the Libyan crisis by adopting his decision first on Wednesday, and felt that it integrates many of its components with the initiative launched by Egypt and adopted by the neighboring countries of Libya in the fourth ministerial meeting held in Cairo on August 25 this month.
The Security Council, has issued on Wednesday Resolution No. 2174 on Libya, after the approval of Members unanimously, the text of the resolution on an immediate cease-fire in Libya, and the establishment of state institutions and functions to engage in an inclusive political dialogue.

The text of the resolution on the prosecution of all of the plans or directs or commits acts that violate international law or human rights in Libya, and anyone who stands behind the air strikes or ground or attack the seaport in Libya or against the institution of the Libyan state, or against any foreign mission, and include the prosecution of each of providing support to the armed groups to the illegal exploitation of crude oil and natural resources of the state.

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